1. Here are some sketches from the Southeast Asian art wing at the Met.

  2. The view from Brooklyn Bridge Park today.

  3. A dragon kite for springtime

  4. Giraffes

    Also, you can get 20% off all prints at InPRNT until March 31st (Monday).  Here’s a link to my shop: http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/vikki_chu/

    Thanks for looking :o)

  6. These are some unused butterflies from a project I was working on.

  7. fezzine:

    New week, new piece! I’ve been in touch with Vikki Chu for a while, ever since I saw her amazing Ocarina of Time fanart series in Nintendo Power (while she was still in school! I mean, come ON!). 

    Vikki’s piece shows off one of my favorite parts of FEZ - the faint islands in the background. And it also captures the ridiculously cute aspect of FEZ with all of the tiny, perfect details that make it so great!

    For Kevin Stanton's Fezzine! It will be for sale at MoCCA 2014.

    Larger version

  8. You can see these octopi in person at the group show, Terra: Artwork Inspired by Nature at Gallery Nucleus from March 29 to April 13. Please check it out if you’re in the area!

  10. A few details of some patterns from Eat Pretty

  11. Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Chronicle Books on the patterns and illustrations for Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart. The book is about healthy eating for beauty and wellness. I had an absolute blast working on this. If you’re interested, you can get a copy here.

    Thank you to art directors Allison Weiner and Hillary Caudle. 

  12. Pyramid